TikTok’s ‘3 Word Method’ Will Change the Way You Shop


| LAST UPDATE 09/30/2022

By Peral Simons
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We've told you before, and we'll say it again - the fashion side of TikTok is the place to go if you're looking for the latest styling hack or the most recent fashion trend! With fashion influencers working tirelessly on our behalf to find out and let us know what's cool and what's not, we've become conditioned to hang off their every word. Now, with this rise of the 'three-word method,' we're being told to describe our styles with just three adjectives. Supposedly, by doing so, the way we shop and dress will take on a whole new meaning. We're investigating what's behind the trend and how it all began.

It all began when stylist influencer Allison Bornstein told her followers to clearly and concisely define their personal fashion style using three words. The options are endless, with Bornstein even allowing aspirational adjectives as well. If, right now, your closet isn't screaming classy, but that's your long-term goal, feel free to include it in the list. On that note, the words do not need to connect or align with each other. A case example would be Alexa Chung, whose style can be described as nostalgic, preppy, and quaint. While they seem to contradict each other, they all simultaneously apply.

Three Word Method TikTok
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You've got your three words written down. Now what?! Essentially those adjectives perfectly encapsulate what you like to wear and what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Keep this in mind when you next go on a shopping spree, and as you pick up a piece of clothing or accessory, ask yourself if it aligns with your themes. If the answer is no, it's likely that you will rarely choose to wear it, and the spontaneous purchase will be left at the back of your wardrobe as a one-hit-wonder. The 'three-word method' aims to help you create a long-lasting wardrobe that will include many viable outfit options. 

@allisonbornstein6 FINDING YOUR PERSONAL STYLE! what are your 3 words… comment below!!! #FORDfortheBuilders #fashiontiktok #fyp ♬ original sound - Allison Bornstein

Ultimately, this approach to shopping and dressing will help you to avoid wasting money on unworn clothes and ensure you don't go home with buyer's remorse. The method also blends seamlessly with the rise of the 'capsule wardrobe' trend as you limit your purchases to fewer, more staple items that all work together in a wide range of combinations. Say what you want about TikTok, but we're convinced they're onto something here...

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