Latest TikTok Trend: Coastal Grandmother


| LAST UPDATE 07/14/2022

By Lia Thomson
coastal grandmother matilda djerf
@matildadjerf via Instagram

The coastal grandmother has completely taken over our For You Page, and let's just say we're not too mad about it. Recently this type of style has been all the rage - from influencers to celebrities, everyone's been into dressing like grandma! Okay, we're kidding - this fashion trend doesn't actually mean you dress like your nana. Instead, it focuses on loose linen fabrics, beachy, neutral tones, and a breezier lifestyle. Here's everything you need to know about the coastal grandmother takeover.

The name for this summer's viral trend was first coined by Lex Nicoleta on TikTok. She shared a video on the social media app explaining what key pieces are needed to pull this look off. While there are numerous options, the good basics to start off with are a white button-down shirt, a bucket hat, a delicate dress - preferably white or neutral color - linen bottoms, a cozy sweatshirt, vintage sunglasses, and a neutral-toned sandal. The term was formed after Marta Stewart and Meryl Streep heavily influenced the style. And "coastal" is because the outfits are comfortable and light, yet they give off a cool girl vibe. Nicoleta revealed, "I was always drawn to this lifestyle you see in a Nancy Myers movie, or when you're visiting a relative that lives at the beach, there is just this sense of coziness and safety that comes along with it." It's a mix of preppiness but also minimalist. "That is the beautiful thing about it — it's for everyone.

coastal grandmother fashion trend
@lex_nicoleta via Instagram
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But the coastal grandmother always comes with a different perspective. Even if you may not live on the beach, throwing on linen pants, and an oversized striped sweater over a button-down can make us feel zen. The TikTok influencer explained the necessities of "slowing down and taking time to enjoy the little things, like flipping through magazines and sipping tea on a Sunday morning or preparing a dinner with the day’s farmer's market finds."

@lexnicoleta CG summer wardrobe staples 🌊👵🏻#coastalgrandmother #capsulewardrobe ♬ original sound - Lex Nicoleta

This trend has blown up, with stars like Anne Hathway and Kendall Jenner rocking it - aaand every fashion influencer taking their spin on the term. Nicoleta believes that the quarantine in early 2020 might affect why we all love the coziness of the coastal grandmother aesthetic. "First and foremost, coming out of the pandemic, we want something that is comfortable," she said. "Fashion that is still comfortable but looks elevated, right. It looks a little more sophisticated, a little more lux." Check our Nicoleta's TikTok for more fashion inspo. 

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