Tips and Tricks To Effortlessly Walk in Heels


| LAST UPDATE 04/25/2023

By Abby Wall
Walking In Heels Tips
Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

We know heels can be painful, but maybe it's because we've been walking in them wrong all these years. No one ever taught us how to properly walk in heels, but it's time to change that! There's nothing more tiresome than seeing that girl stumble as she walks in her heels. However, we have some tried and tested tips and tricks that are sure to make you look like you're walking down the catwalk! Let's take a closer look.

Let's start with the most reliable trick of the all-walk heel-to-toe and not toe to heel! The easiest way to look like you're a heel professional is to put your whole foot down at once, just like you're wearing a pair of flats. No matter the heel, heel first and then toe! And while you're at it, just take smaller steps. No need to talk grand leaps forward because, honestly, it just looks awkward.

Walking In High Heels
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Girls, don't rush in your heels. Wearing heels makes your stride shorter than it usually is, so naturally, you are taking a higher number of small steps to go to the same distance. So make each step count! No matter the heel --stilettos, pumps, booties, or platforms, lean slightly back when you're walking, and make sure to arch your foot slightly. By arching your foot, you put pressure on the inside of the shoe, making it easier to control.

One of our favorite tricks to mastering the art of the heel is to visualize yourself walking in a straight line. The trick to walking more gracefully is envisioning your goal point and looking forward rather than looking downwards at your heels as you walk! Plus, looking down all night is just going to strain your neck! Ladies, make sure those heels are comfortable and that they fit! If you have ill-fitting heels, it makes walking in them ten times harder. For those that aren't professionals yet, maybe start with a pair of block or kitten heels before pulling out the stiletto or fantasy heel. And maybe check out some trusted heel brands such as Stuart Weitzman, Schutz, or Stuad.

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