Trendy Colors To Watch Out for This Fall


| LAST UPDATE 09/11/2022

By Christiana Holland
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When we think of fall colors, a lot of beige, black, and white comes to mind. But, it all comes down to the fashion police, who must approve what's in season. During the summer, we saw "cobalt blue, pastels, and a variety of pink shades dominate runways," and it seems like these were a game changer. A-list designers have proceeded with these, establishing the ultimate fall/winter collection colors...

As we saw Anna Hathaway rock Barbiecore pink alongside fashion icon Valentino, other designers have followed in these footsteps. Italian fashion designer, Pierpaolo Piccioli, was confident the fuchsia aesthetic was perfect for fall. Not only had Piccioli mastered the Barbie trend, but he had taken over streetwear. With a new season and new temperatures coming into play, why not make a shocking entrance? The pink inspiration has been a sight for sore eyes in most cases, including Chanel, who also tapped into the hot-pink trend. Creative director Virginie Viard was not going to miss this opportunity. She even incorporated the bold color into dresses, jackets, and bags while releasing the new "muted rose tweeted" trench coat. While everyone is rocking jet-black and neutral tones during the winter season, the hot-pink ensemble is bound to be an eye-catcher.

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It seems this year we are most definitely steering away from earth-toned pallets while we have another bold color in store. Fashion brand Proenza Schouler made a statement this season with a bright blue blazer. Another one bites the dust when it comes to bold fashion statements. Even Marc Jacobs approves. It seems nothing in the fashion world is predictable anymore after Jacobs "advocated for vibrant cool tones featuring a leather dress and matching bonnet in an equally shocking electric blue." Still, while we aim to take fashionistas by surprise, designers have managed to maintain a relaxed fall tone with the power of pastel. While Fendi experimented with sheer fabrics, Bluemarine supported the see-through style with vintage-inspired silhouettes in blue, pink, and yellow pastels. Of course, both shades of bright colors can be worn for any occasion. We guess it's whatever we are in the mood for!?

We are thankful to have these fashion icons in the world to guide us season by season. Although we typically wear what suits us, there's nothing wrong with a little inspiration from the inside! But for those in need of some celebrity inspo, check out the best looks from the recent VMA's red carpet. (Thank us later.)

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