Here's Why Twitter is Buzzing Over 'Euphoria''s Fashion


| LAST UPDATE 01/27/2022

By Genevieve Scott
euphoria season 2 fashion

Most teens throw on a pair of jeans, their favorite hoodie, and call it a day. And then there's Euphoria: where hormonal high-school students prance around the halls in platform heels and plunging necklines. And you can bet the online world has taken notice. Here's why Twitter (and honestly, us too) can't get enough of the show's over-the-top wardrobe...

For those who somehow haven't already heard - Euphoria's season 2 came in hot January 9. But perhaps more exciting than the steamy storyline? The fashion, of course! From silky designer dresses to slinky tube tops, our favorite group of misfits definitely didn't play it safe this time around. Just ask Twitter, who's wasted no time joining in on the fun. "Students at Euphoria High School going to Algebra 1," one user joked, alongside a clip of an overdressed pop star hitting the stage.

"I can never fully place the setting of Euphoria. At first, I thought it was suburbia, but its kinda hood, then sometimes it gives Middle America... The best I can come up with is art school or purgatory," another user joked. But according to the show's costume designer, that's exactly how we're supposed to be feeling - confused. "I'm always looking for a way to communicate the story through costume," Heidi Bivens explained in an interview with Variety"After I read the scripts, I'm trying to empathize with the characters and put myself in their place and imagine what it would be like to feel what these characters feel." If that's the case, consider us convinced!

euphoria season 2 tiktok

Since the premiere of the second season, Bivens has already blessed us with endless fierce looks. Whether it was Maddie's sexy New Year's 'fit, reminding us that bodycon is indeed back, or Cassie's gingham ensemble in episode 2 (something Kat and Maddy had lots to say about), clearly all odds are off when it comes to the halls of Euphoria High. Until next time, make sure to stay tuned. Who knows what other tricks our teens have got up their sleeves, literally...

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