Are Veja Sneakers Worth the Hype?


| LAST UPDATE 03/25/2022

By Lia Thomson
veja sneakers shoe trends
Christian Vierig / Contributor via Getty Images

From influencers, models, and even members of the Royal family, everyone has been rocking Veja trainers for quite some time now. Emma Watson, Emily Ratajoksi, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle are all fans of sleek sneakers. But are they really worth the hype as the go-to white sneaker for this spring? Natasha Harding at Cosompolitain revealed whether or not the shoe is worth the money. Here's what she had to say...

According to the sneakers' official website, the name Veja means "look" in Portuguese. The reason behind the name was explained as "looking beyond the sneakers, looking at how they're made." The brand is big on using "transparency, organic materials, and fair trade," which help them create the various type of finishing available for customers. From leather, suede, canvas, CWL (a mix of canvas and upcycled corn) to rubber, there's a different type of style for every need. And for those who prefer a vegan shoe, the brand offers vegan leather options, and their CWL fabric is also used for their vegan Veja's.

veja sneakers shoe trend
@royka_wear via Instagram
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Based on what Harding had to say, the shoe was a bit difficult to walk in the first few times. The tongue specifically was desired as "stiff." But luckily, after moving it around and using a blowdryer to soften the material, the rubbing of the shoe eventually went away. So, like many other sneakers out there, Veja's are rigid at first, but once your foot molds into the shape, they become very comfortable! Yet still, the price tag on these bad boys tends to run a little bit higher than many other classic sneakers. At a range of roughly $85 - 165 dollars, (and some designer options for around $270), does this shoe give a good bang for its buck?

According to Harding, the price tag represents the quality of the material used. The shoe brand revealed that to create their timeless designs takes around 5 times more money than any other shoe company. This is because they use new technologies, fair trade, and organic materials. So at the end of the day, it totally depends on how much a person is expecting to wear the shoe. If it's quite a lot, then the cash is probably worth it - but if the plan is to only wear them here or there, maybe you're better off with a different shoe. If you are a part of that first group, check out Veja's website so you too can twin with Kate Middleton!

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