Meet Victoria's Secret's Latest Angel


| LAST UPDATE 02/20/2022

By Peral Simons
victorias secret down syndrome
Instagram via @sofiajirau

There's a new angel in town! Sofía Jirau, a 24-year-old woman from Puerto Rico with Down syndrome, has been announced as one of the faces of Victoria's Secret's new 'love cloud collection'! As explained by their website, the line includes "18 dynamic women from a myriad of backgrounds", reinforcing Victoria's Secret's promise to welcome and celebrate all women. Now, that's something worth celebrating! Here's what we know.

"One day, I dreamed of it, I worked on it, and today it is a dream come true. I can finally tell you my big secret," Jirau wrote on her Instagram on Valentine's Day. "I am the first Victoria's Secret model with Down syndrome!" On her website, she explains that her ultimate goal is to show people there are no limits in life. She is inspiring people to "break through their self-imposed limitations." And if that wasn't enough - it seems being the face of Victoria's Secret newest campaign is just the beginning for Sofía. Her goal for 2022 is to conquer the fashion runaways across Europe. Something tells us this is not a unrealistic dream! Watch this space...

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Sofía first made her mark in the fashion industry in 2020 when she made her debut at New York Fashion Week. On her website, she explains she is proud to be "one of the few models with Down syndrome who has managed to participate in the important fashion event." She has since launched an online store, "Alavett," which offers clothing and accessories home products. Jirau has been featured in People, Univision and Vogue Mexico.

Victoria's Secret, Sofia Jirau
Dominique Charriau via Getty Images

This 'love cloud collection' marks another major step in Victoria's Secret's recent efforts to re-brand after being highly criticized in the past for their lack of diversity. Raúl Martinez joined the company in January as the new Creative Director, and this is the first campaign under his leadership. In a statement, he explained his vision; "Love Cloud Collection is a major moment in the brand's evolution. From the cast of incredible women that bring the collection to life to the incredible inclusive spirit on set, this campaign is an important part of the new Victoria's Secret standard we are creating." We love to see it! Stay tuned to see what's next for the company...

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