How To Keep Your Wardrobe Sustainable This Festive Season


| LAST UPDATE 11/23/2022

By Peral Simons
Sustainable Fashion christmas trends
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As the colder months begin and the fairy lights are lit, it often feels like we have no choice but to splash out on an entire new festive wardrobe. Whether it's the office Christmas party or a family dinner, we always strive to make a fashionable entrance. However, as fun and stylish as the sequins, feathers, and velvet looks are, the planet is suffering behind the scenes. The traditional festive styles are far from sustainable - usually made from non-biodegradable fossil-fuel sourced materials such as polyester, and often only worn once! But do not fear! We're not telling you to wear the same dress two years in a row! We have some alternative sustainable solutions up our sleeves!

First up, we have the most obvious - dig deep into your own wardrobe. While you may not be willing to wear that sequined blazer you wore to the office party last year, you may have something in the back that could be refashioned into a new outfit. Think about it, if you forgot it's there, there's no chance anyone else will remember you've worn it before!

Sustainable Fashion Festive christmas
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If closet shopping fails, a great sustainable option is to check out rental clothing stores. In recent years the renting market has seen a huge influx in supply and popularity, especially when it pertains to party clothing. Companies such as Hurr, By Rotation, and My Wardrobe HQ all offer you the ability to rent designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the price, returning it only after you've wowed everyone in the room.

For those who like to hold onto their festive outfits as a time capsule of their years, there are ways to purchase clothing without hurting the planet. The first option is to shop the second-hand market. No, we're not talking about your neighbor's yard sale; we're thinking vintage. Determined fashionable by all the stars, websites such as Vestiaire Collective, Farfetch Pre-Owned, and eBay all sell expensive brand second-hand clothing. If new is your only way, make an effort to check out the store's eco-policies. The most eco-conscious brands, such as Germanier, and Connor Ives, will include a higher price tag, but we like to think of it as an investment in your wardrobe and the planet!

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