Yes, You Can Wear Your High-Tops With Everything!


| LAST UPDATE 11/06/2022

By Peral Simons
Converse high-tops trend
@eyes_on_diego via Instagram

Sometimes in life, we are handed a fashion trend that might appear effortless at first glance but is extremely tricky to incorporate into our daily wardrobes. Luckily for us, our favorite high-top Chuck Taylor All-Stars do not fit this description. On the contrary, they are timeless and go with every style of outfit and every season. Moreover, everyone of all ages and genders can rock them with ease. Don't believe us? We'll prove it right here...

Although summer is coming to a close, for now, it's worth noting that Converse are the perfect shoe accessory for summer bottoms. Whether it's shorts or skirts, the casual footwear will perfectly complement any shorter outfit. Many style influencers recommend pairing the high-tops with tall white socks as it will help pull the look together in a cozy and comfortable way.

high-top converse style via Instagram
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Up next, we have pants, which, when paired with high-top converse, can give off a relaxed, sometimes androgynous vibe. When it's warm out, pair the long pants with a neutral tank top and rely on the converse to provide a pop of color to the outfit (see below!). In the Fall, the task is slightly trickier as the shoes are unlikely to provide enough warmth to your feet. In this case, a helpful hack is to layer up underneath the shoe with mid-calf socks and layer up the layers everywhere else on the outfit!

It's no secret that Converse are staples for creating an edgy look. For years, the all-black version has been the go-to shoewear for anyone opting for a grunge, emo, or goth style. To finish off this look, pair them with a graphic tee, baggy pants, and big jewelry. For a slightly more feminine take, don a black mini skirt, mesh tights, and black top. Although less glaringly obvious, Converse can also help to create a soft-feminine outfit that screams "sweet girl next door." The best way to achieve this look is to pair the timeless sneakers with a floaty, feminine dress and some ruffle socks. Opt for lightly-colored Converse which will hone in on the dress's softer color scheme. With a pair of Converse in your hands, the world is your oyster!

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