The Wild West of Fashion: 5 Pieces To Wear Anywhere


| LAST UPDATE 08/17/2022

By Christiana Holland
Western Fashion Trend Boots
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Saddle up for the last moments of summer! We have not gotten enough of the latest trend that has been categorized to fit into absolutely any environment - western style. The entire online world has caught on to these fashion trends from down south, and we are so here for it. From Isabel Marant to Saint Laurent, here are the five fashion pieces to wear anywhere.

This is the ultimate fashion rodeo, and it's all about embracing Ke$ha's Timber look. Slip on the suede or lather up in leather for a pair of high - or low - western cowboy boots. It's the pointed-toe show with a bit of a height boost. Why does this shoe work so perfectly? They're easy to slip on and off, and their curved insole accentuates any pair of legs known to man. The barnyard boot is entirely versatile, whether under or over a pair of jeans or a summer accessory with something a little shorter. Try shopping at Lucchese or Miron Crosby to rock any rodeo. Now, a southern look is not complete without a pair of denim. Nothing goes better with a western boot than western jeans. The relaxed bottoms are made to compliment the v-shaped footwear. So, we can appreciate a kick-flare, straight-leg, or bootcut jeans.

Western Style Fashion Trend
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How does one define western dress? And no, Cassie's country-girl fashion is not the perfect example. Though, some details do fit the picture. The prairie dress is the ideal timeless midi to floor-length southern gown to sweep us away on those breezy days. Regarding pattern, it varies on personal preference. Whether we choose a tiered skirt embroidery, printed florals, gingham, or "warm tones" depends on the person's signature style. Don't worry - they're not all puff sleeve, so opt for a spaghetti strap and layer it with a turtleneck on those autumn days. Working from the top, it's the not-so-usual button-down western shirt. Designers Maison Margiela and Nili Lotan have brushed up the "ranch-appropriate styles with chain-stitched details and a whole lot of denim." If the occasion is a little wilder, Kacey Musgraves's "brass-studded or crystal-embellished version" will do the trick. For the grand finale, layer up on those colder days with a fringe jacket. Let the sleeves to the magic here. Whether it's a short-cut suede - or leather - overcoat or a warmer windbreaker, it is bound to be an "authentic assortment."

So, don't let your yearnings get ahead of your earnings. Searches for western-style items soared through spring and summer, increasing fringe jacket searches by 42% at the start of 2022 and 48% for boots. Make sure to be the one in the best bib and tucker for any occasion. We can only wonder what will be next summer's trends.

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