Y2K Thick Headbands Are Back!


| LAST UPDATE 09/04/2023

By Amelia Taylor
Black Headband Y2K Balletcore
@danieekyland via Instagram

2023 has brought on an onslaught of trends we used to love in the late 90s and early noughties, but no movement has yet to make quite a return like the thick headband. Bella Hadid, Shay Mitchell, and Laura Harrier have re-pioneered the trend to new popularity, with the help of the entirety of TikTok, to push the fashion statement further. 

The thick headband trend combines cute sportswear, ballet core, and fashion nostalgia. It's easy to see why the trend is something everyone can get around; it has elements that almost anyone can use to their benefit. In a time where hair accessories like claw clips, butterfly clasps, and even shark tooth headbands have popped up on our threads, a minimal and affordable black headband is a simple way to spice up any simple look. Any sportswear or even fancier look can be elevated with one clean black headband. For the girls with bangs and fringes in their awkward stage, popping a thick headband on pushes the mid-length hair away with no fuss. It goes without saying the look is perfect for the yoga, pilates, or gym girlies who just want to keep their hair away from a sweaty face. 

Headband Y2K Trend Accessory
@rebeeccaaxxo via Instagram
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Why are we so obsessed with Y2K fashion? Trend forecaster and fashion lover Agus Panzoni (more commonly known as the @thealgorythm on TikTok) has an idea. She told Refinery 29, "Romanticising the past is as old as time. What's different now is the availability of information and the explosive nature of social media." Gen Z has been told these are the best of times, and while sometimes it is, often we just want to crawl into a bubble and hide. Returning to old fashion that once made us happy is an easy way to escape and feel like a little ballet class kid with a thick headband on.

Our favorite feature of the trending accessory comes from Jennifer Lawrence's press tour appearance on Hot Ones. Even though the actress may have been feasting on hot wings and suffering, Jennifer looks chic, relaxed, and absolutely gorgeous with the simple black headband.

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