Step Inside Yaminah Mayo’s World of Fashion


| LAST UPDATE 05/30/2022

By Georgina White
spicy mayo fashion blog
Instagram via @spicy.mayo

Fashion is an ever-changing game. And for some, it can be hard to pinpoint what will make a trend and what will be ridiculed online, AKA what's hot and what's not. But if anyone has got her finger on the pulse of style, it's Yaminah Mayo, known online as Spicy Mayo.

Yaminah is a classic millennial it-girl living in New York. With an academic background in literature, she has the ability to say what's on her mind and get people to pay attention. So it's no surprise that she's found such great success as a writer on her blog. As the story goes, back in 2015, "her mother, growing tired of phone calls bombarded with rants, suggested she start the blog to document her likes, dislikes, and progression as a writer." So, 'Spicy Mayo' was born - and she's never looked back. But, while other style critics hide behind major publications, Yaminah is also walking the walk, putting her eclectic style on display on her popular Instagram page. There, you can see her bright and colorful outfits filled with boutique pieces and vintage finds that make us drool with jealousy, TBH.

fashion blog instagram influencer
Instagram via @spicy.mayo
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That's not the only unconventional part of Yaminah's social media presence, though. While some style icons seldom share where they get their threads, Yaminah is an open book. She has highlights dedicated to linking popular items she's worn so others can go out and purchase them for themselves, plus offers need-to-know reviews about everything - from shoes to skincare products. It's full service with Spicy Mayo! Whether you're looking for some outfit inspo or looking to catch a rundown of a fashion show or red carpet, this New Yorker is the voice we can't get tired of! In fact, her opinion is so sought after that she had followers eagerly waiting to hear her thoughts on this year's Met Gala looks (and she spared no feelings). At the end of the day, it's all subjective - but Mayo's got the research to back up her claims.

You can take a look at her blog over at or her Instagram profile. And as always, check back soon for more from the wild world of fashion!

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