The 9-Minute Workout Routine You Can Try Anywhere


| LAST UPDATE 12/07/2022

By Christiana Holland
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We know you worked hard to build that workout routine. You've been consistent, you're finally seeing results, and now, the hectic holiday season is about to get in the way of all of that. With busy schedules looming in, it can be difficult to squeeze in those self-care moments. But don't fear - we've got a solution.

The holiday season is filled with work parties, social events, high-class meals, and everything above and beyond. It's the last hurrah before we try that whole 'new year, new me' thing. But, in reality, we know there's no need for that. We've worked hard to get into a routine that fits into our lifestyle perfectly - why should anything have to interrupt that? It shouldn't. So, don't let those gains go to waste. Pro-athlete and trainer Lindsey Harrod devised a fantastic and super-effective workout regimen that suits most daily routines and, most importantly, keeps our 6-pack intact. She explained, "The workout is a bodyweight nine-minute non-stop core workout that can be done anytime, anywhere, and is guaranteed to light your core up." Whether you're in the woods, on the beach, or on a fun-filled family getaway, you might want to write this next set down.

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@lindseyharrod via Instagram
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First things first: each of the next 3 exercises is carried out for 60 seconds. The first move is much like a bicycle crunch, however, once the elbow meets the knee, straighten out that leg and crunch back in before switching to the other side. Gives it a little kick, right? The next exercise is a full-body crunch. Stretch out your arms and legs, then crunch up but bring one knee to tabletop while your hands come together behind the knee. Do this on each side, then bring both knees in together. Kind of like the algorithm, 1,1, 2. Got it? Finally, come into a high plank and bring the first knee to the elbow parallel. Stretch out that leg behind you. Don't drop your foot! Then crunch back into the center, stretch out one more time, and then take it diagonal to the opposite elbow. Set the foot down, then swap it out for the other side. Recline your entire body back into a child's pose before completing this set for three more rounds, and voila! Instant toning.

The thing is, we might spend an hour in the gym or on our floor mats at home, but how effective is that hour? It's not about how long, but the quality of it. Not to mention, it's all down to consistency. That means every day for 10-30 mins can equate to 1 hour in the gym - considering those moments we spend on our phones. There are tons of quick and effective routines, but take this core workout in your stride. Enjoy!

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