Acne Prone? Ditch These Products This Summer


| LAST UPDATE 05/24/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Who's not excited for warmer temperatures, sunsets with friends, and beach days? Summer is right around the corner which means our styles will change - and so will our beauty routines. And no, we're not just talking about wearing less foundation during those crazy hot days - but also changing your skincare routine! It may not seem obvious, but temperature changes can affect our skin, especially those who are prone to acne. Here's what to avoid if you fall under that category.

The blazing sun can tan our skin, but it can also cause it to overheat. This means steamers are a big no-no. Although they may be good for the pores and getting a deep clean, it can be brutal to use one during the summer months. Instead, choose a cooling device such as cryo glow sticks that can be run along the skin whenever you may feel overheated. Other things to put aside for the winter only are oil and balm cleansers. Those dry months are long behind us, so there is no need for heavy products - instead, try a lightweight oil cleanser followed by a gel cleanser to give your skin barrier some air.

skincare summer routine tips
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 On that same note, try to lay off the thick moisturizers. Yes, they are amazing for quenching our skin thirst, but those who easily have pimples may be doing more harm than good with this product. Because the heavy layer can actually clause pores and lead to oil, sweat, and dirt getting stuck in there: aka more acne. And no one wants that. Think less is more for summer; less clothes, less makeup, and less skincare. And yes, that also means less exfoliation. 

During the holiday season, the cold air causes flaky skin, so removing it with either chemical or physical exfoliators is always a good answer. But since the air is warmer now, there's no need for that. Rather than going in hard every day with the exfoliator, opt for a once-a-week enzyme mask, like the Golde one, to gently remove debris and build up. That way, you can still get that summer glow.

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