All That Purell Drying Your Hands? I've Got You Covered...

Genevieve Scott

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Closeup of person washing hands isolated. Cleanliness and body care concept.

With the curse of COVID-19, a.k.a Corona among us, the global pandemic has called for the necessary precautions to keep us safe and healthy. Of course, included in those precautions are sanitizing and hand-washing. But with all of that hand-washing comes a risk for drying out our skin. Worry not, I've got you covered...

First and foremost, washing your hands with soap and water is much better for you and your skin than that drug-store Purell. But, if you're going to use it anyway, it's important that your hand-sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol in order to be effective, as experts explained.


Now, back to hand-washing. After scrubbing for about 20-seconds, “you want to pat yourself dry and leave a small amount of dampness, and then moisturize to lock in the water,” says Dr. Mary Stevenson, an assistant professor of dermatology at NYU Langone Health.

Immediately after drying, you should use a hand-lotion to seal in that moisture. Be sure to avoid irritants such as retinol or frangrances, though. That means your 'very-berry' Bath & Body Works lotion will not do the trick...


Lastly, “nighttime is a really good time to give your skin a rest. Put on a really thick cream and if you can, put on a pair of cotton gloves,” says Dr. Justin Ko, chief of medical dermatology at Stanford Health Care.