How To Beat Stubborn Summer Colds


| LAST UPDATE 09/01/2022

By Peral Simons
Summer Cold Bath Benefits
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It's the ultimate paradox. Outside it's heating up, but on the inside, you're feeling blue. Stuffed noses, exhausted and coughing, by how your body is acting, it feels like peak winter season. Referred to as the summer cold, it's affecting thousands of people, preventing us from enjoying the wonders that summer has to offer. To make matters worse, with the threat of a new COVID-19 wave, people fear the worst of their symptoms, choosing to avoid their loved ones in an effort to protect their well-being. Once you've tested and know you're in the clear, here are our top tips for getting you up and running again...

This first step might sound a little unbearable in the summer seasons, but taking a hot bath could do wonders for your body. Hot water encourages the blood to circulate in the body, helping you heal quickly. Adding magnesium salts to the water will speed up detoxification and ease those achy, tight muscles! Lastly, add a dash of peppermint oil to clear up your respiratory system. Once you're done, cuddle up tight and let the sweat go!

Summer Cold Cure Tips
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During times like these, the humidifier is your best friend. When we're congested, we often have no choice but to sleep with our mouths open. Not only does this guarantee low-quality sleep, but we also wake up with a dry throat and cough, starting the day the wrong way. Humidifiers will help to add moisture to the air, and an extra diffuser will also throw in a good scent! Add lavender for a sleep-inducing, relaxing vibe and peppermint for extra nasal decongestion.

Beyond all, sleep is the best cure of all. Tried, true, and tested, ensuring you get enough hours of sleep is the first and most important step to recovery. Giving your body the time to turn off and allowing it to restore itself is the best gift you can give it. For the best quality sleep, ensure all light is blocked out and apply some Aromatic chest rub before you dose off. These will help your body break up congestion through the night and ensure a smooth, undisturbed sleep. The road to recovery has begun!

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