Bloated? These Foods Can Help


| LAST UPDATE 04/24/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Unfortunately, many of us experience painful bloating daily! And we all know how uncomfortable and annoying it can be, especially when you're eating relatively healthy and working out all the time. But as it turns out, bloating can be caused by various things. Whether it's your time of the month or from something you ate, it's a totally common thing for our bodies to go through. "Bloating can be a very normal reaction to digestion," explained RDN Tayler Silfverduk. Luckily there are certain foods we can incorporate into our diets to ease the unwanted feeling...

Before we dive into what ingredients are beneficial for our tummies, let's discuss what can be hurting your digestive system. Dairy and gluten are the biggest ones that may be making you bloat despite your clean eating. But before completely cutting out these yummy foods, get a food journal and write down everything you eat and how it makes you feel. Then remove one item at a time and see if there are any changes. But, of course, if the pain is severe, talk to a doctor before changing your diet dramatically. Also, try and stay away from foods with loads of sugar, including apples and cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. 

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@monavand via Instagram
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The best foods to eat will typically falls under the FODMAPs, aka foods that are easily digested by our GI tract. A lot of fruits can make the stomach happy, "Taking in water from fruit contributes to hydration and helps to reduce bloating," revealed registered dietician Natalie Rizzo. "Oranges are low-FODMAP foods that are also high in water and fiber." And so are blueberries! The little yummy berries aren't just good for inflammation, but they are also high in vitamin C and K. Cucumbers are another fruit (yes, they have seeds so they are technically a fruit) filled with water, which makes it one of the best foods to get rid of bloating.

Others foods that should be eaten often are eggs, chicken, fatty fish like salmon, quinoa, oatmeal, and yogurt high in probiotics. And while some veggies may give us gas and boating, carrots, artichokes, fennel, and spaghetti squash can squash the painful feelings away. Check this Harvard study out for more details on the FODMAP diet.

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