Buccal Facial Massages: Your New Best Friend


| LAST UPDATE 08/10/2022

By Lia Thomson
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These days it seems like there are 101 different types of machines and tools used to lift, sculpt, and shape our faces. And while many of these tools have great benefits, at the end of the day, the two best ones for getting your skin rejuvenated are our hands! Enter buccal facial massage: a technique where not only does the outside of your face get massaged, but so does the inside! Here's everything you need to know.

Don't worry - if done by a professional, they will, of course, be wearing gloves when working on your mouth and jaw. This technique is incredible because it allows more work to be done by entering the inside of your cheeks. In doing so, the massage stimulates oxygenated blood and microcirculation at the skin's surface to promote healing and radiance from the inside out... literally. 

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The reason we focus on the buccal is that it's our largest fat pad on the face. As a result, it's hard to reach the nerves and tension points there from the outside. Buccal expert esthetician and founder of Kosha Spa, Anastasia Talan, revealed that everything in our facial muscles is connected to getting a deeper massage and affects things in ways you wouldn't even imagine! While this massage may look silly, it has numerous benefits for our skin. "Buccal massage is amazing for contouring, a.k.a. skin tightening, draining, which helps with skin clarity, and releasing tension to improve lines and wrinkles - a similar concept to Botox's muscle-relaxing abilities," Talan noted.

It may not seem obvious, but this treatment helps clear the skin! "A lot of times, breaks outs are just a result of poor circulation and stagnation of the lymphatic system. So, by moving things around and removing blockages, the skin will definitely experience better clarity," explained the expert. "Just make sure when you massage the skin, you use non-comedogenic oil and wash the face before and after massage." Another unexpected (yet amazing) benefit is that it can release tension and stress! "We store a lot of emotions in the jaw. Remember, when you are stressed, you hold your jaw tight - all the aggression, sadness, and pain is being stored in your body. So by releasing that tension, we also release emotions and trauma behind it." Okay, no need to convince us anymore - we're booking an appointment stat! Here's where you too can book. (You can thank us later). 

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