How To Cleanse Your Mind This Spring


| LAST UPDATE 03/31/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Each year, without fail, as the flowers start to bloom and the temperatures begin to increase, everyone and their mother starts to do their Spring cleaning. And while it's important to focus on keeping our homes, cars, and closets in check, we can't forget about our minds. It can be all too easy to disregard our mental health and continue engaging in habits that may cause distress or anxiety. So this Spring, try and make it a goal to cleanse your mind. This way, you can start a refreshing new season. Here's how.

The things we read, see online, listen to, and watch on TV all affect us, even if we may not notice it. Try to include more books this year that will provide you with something. Whether that be an inspiration to start your podcast or teach you how to expand your perspective, self-help books can teach motivation and help in controlling your thoughts. The same goes for podcasts - in recent years, the audio medium has helped thousand learn new things every day. But instead of always listing to those murder podcasts, try and take in new helpful information next time you plug your headphones in. Pick your favorite subject, from wellness to entrepreneurship to motivational speakers and more. The options are truly endless. 

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But audio series aren't the only thing we listen to. We obviously can't forget about music, because after all, who doesn't love a good sad song to let all our feelings out to? And while that may be great here and there, constant depressing tunes may accidentally get your subconscious into a funky mood. Switch up your playlist and listen to fun songs that will uplift your spirits - rather than bring you down this Spring. But don't just take our word for it, a recent study showed that good feeling music actually impacts a person's emotional state! 

Finally, remove all those from your social media that don't bring you good vibes. Yes, we're talking about that one influencer who may make you feel a little too jealous when her story pops up on your feed, or that old high school "friend" who used to constantly gossip about others. We spend too much time on our phones for them to be filled with negative content. Instead, follow uplifting, and encouraging accounts that will make you feel good. Happy Spring cleaning!

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