Clever Hacks To Increase Your Water Intake


| LAST UPDATE 11/08/2022

By Peral Simons
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Since a young age, we have been taught that our bodies need to be well-hydrated to function correctly. With over 70% of our body made up of water, it's incredibly important to keep the balance in check at all times. Not only will it work to keep your skin hydrated, but it also has many internal impacts that we don't want to miss. These include: keeping on top of electrolyte levels and blood pressure, providing lubrication for the joints, regulating body temperatures, and helping to ensure our cells our healthy. However, as promising as this all sounds, many of us struggle to get excited about water. If you identify with this group and are unable to meet your water intake goals, we're here to help!

Understanding the recommended intake and setting sensible goals is the first step to upping your water game. According to The National Academy of Medicine, men should consume 125 ounces of fluid daily, while women should aim for 90 ounces. Considering this figure includes water, other drinks, and the water content of food, a suggested daily water intake would be around 32 ounces. While this will vary slightly according to each individual's levels of physical activity, health status, and location, this is a generic goal to have in mind. If in doubt, a good trick is to ensure you quench your thirst every time you drink!

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Now that you know how much water you're aiming for, it's time to create a plan of action to get there. Purchase a reusable water bottle to ensure you always have access to water whenever and wherever you feel thirsty. Keep it in your line of vision as a constant reminder to keep on top of your hydration levels. (Bonus points - you're also helping to protect the planet by avoiding plastic bottles!) If seeing the bottle doesn't have you reaching for it, set reminders to drink until it becomes a part of your natural daily routine. 

If you've accustomed your tastebuds to the more sugary and fruitful drinks on the market, water will likely taste dull and unexciting. Luckily, your breakfasts (and other meals, for that matter) are about to get a whole lot more exciting thanks to fruit infusers. The specially designed water bottles allow you to add various fruit combinations for extra flavor. There really are no more excuses to avoid hydrating yourself!

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