How To Create a Kardashian-Approved Pantry


| LAST UPDATE 11/25/2022

By Christiana Holland
Khloe Kardashian Pantry Organization
@mariahkhomes via Instagram

After 20 seasons of television, YouTube insights, and several properties later, you might have noticed just how organized the Kardashian pantries are. With all that space, it's no surprise they have to keep everything intact and remember where essentials are. Not to mention, it's extremely aesthetic. Here's how they do it.

Is there anything more satisfying than walking into a clean and pristine pantry? Kim's pantry resembles a small grocery store. Taking into consideration her home architecture, everything is bright and stored in pottery-like containers with minimal color. For spoons, straws, sweeteners, and other sides, Fable's 'The Little Bowls' for $38 each are perfect, while chips, pretzels, cereals, and other grains can be kept in Glass Canisters from Moladri ($15). Luxury and sleek can still be cheap. Zara Home and H&M Home offer great products like Borosilicate Glass Storage Jars, ranging from $23-30, and Small Stonewear Bowls for $5 each. For something easily-accessible when the hunger kicks in, the Sand Open-Front Bins offer a great view of your favorite snack packs ($28-30). 

Khloe Kardashian Pantry Organization
ExposingCelebrities via YouTube
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If you're familiar with Khloe's famous cookie jar storage and label maker, then you've come to the right place. According to Poosh, there's no better inspiration for organizing than the "queens of gorgeous pantries." Although, each Kardashian has a different style and preference. For example, Kourtney, the rockstar WAG, has gone for a darker and more sinister pantry to match the 182 Blink aesthetic. Let's talk baskets. The Large Rattan Bins in dark grey cost just $35 a basket, while Threshold Woven Dark Global Folio Bins come at $14 each. For those vintage-like labels, the Ecru Hand Tags from Kraft ($14 each) are great, while grains, gluten-free pasta, and any other hand-pickable snack perfectly fit in Threshold glass jars for $8 a pop. Last but not least, the baby of the Kardashians, Khloe's pantry, or as she likes to refer to herself, Khlo-C.D. Khloe's pantry is definitely the most fun and colorful, she even gave viewers a tour on YouTube. The Divided Lazy Suzan from The Home Edit by Idesign is something super cute to store mini hot sauces or some salt n' pepper shakers. If we're talking about separating snacks, the 3 Compartment Light Wood Crate from Brightroom is the perfect combination of aesthetics and organization. Plus, the Water Hyacinth Open Weave Basket from MDesign is not just perfect for box-cake storage but is also easily holdable for re-arranging. We don't know about you, but we're feeling just like a Kardashian already.

Organization is a form of therapy. When all of our favorite snacks are visible, it just makes life easier. All of these products for under $50 don't just make things look pretty but enforce calmer energy into the kitchen. No mess, no stress. On that note, have you seen Kim's fridge

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