How Crying Can Be a Form of Self Care


| LAST UPDATE 07/20/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Bubble baths, long walk, working out…there are so many different types of self-care. Each person probably has their own preferred style, but at the end of the day, no matter which one you pick, these activities are very important for our mental health. Yet there is one specific thing that many of us may avoid - crying. Here's why crying can be crucial to add to your self-care routine.

“Crying helps you express strong emotions in a safe way,” explained a Chicago-based therapist that specializes in depression, anxiety, etc., Aimee Daramus. “It‘s all about releasing inner pressure.” Built-up emotions like anger, sadness, happiness, and more need to be let out, and that can mainly be done through tears rolling down your face.

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Yet unfortunately, thanks to our society, many of us have been taught or felt that crying shows a sign of weakness, when in fact, that is not the case. Daramus revealed that anyone stuck in this mindset should start understanding in what ways they can let emotions go (because it has to come out in some way!). “If you don’t let feelings out in a healthy way, they’ll come out in an unhealthy way. You might externalize them in a way that damages others, like yelling or blaming,” she explained. “You might damage yourself, for example, when emotions tense up your muscles and become psychosomatic pain. Those emotions are coming out, and crying is healthier than a lot of the alternatives.”

You may already know this, but most people feel relief after having a good crying session. Yes, maybe at the moment, it may not feel great, but the outcome is worth it. "It can also help you be your most authentic self emotionally," Daramus explained about crying alone. She also added that being in such a vulnerable state in front of someone you can about also has its own benefits. "When someone sees you cry and treats that emotion like it matters, it helps you feel like all of you is acceptable, not just the good, socially acceptable parts of you." So next time you feel big emotions weighing you down, don't forget to just let it all out through a good crying session. Check out the therapist's Instagram for more great self-care tips. 

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