Disposable Masks To Add to Your Collection This Winter


| LAST UPDATE 01/07/2022

By Genevieve Scott
best disposable face masks
Instagram via @nomorejeans

As temperatures outside continue to plummet and variant cases continue to surge, our face masks have become our new best friends. But let's face it - wearing a piece of cloth on our faces comes with its fair share of setbacks (ahem, maskne). That's why we've rounded up the best disposable face masks to add to your collection this winter. Keep scrolling!

First up on our list? Amazon's Disposable Three-Layer Face Masks With Elastic Ear Loop. We know, we know: You can't stand to look at another one of those, but what's wrong with sticking with the classics? Not to mention, for less than $10, each of the 50 masks comes individually wrapped, making them both easy to stow into your purse and germ-free. "The mask is thin and breathable, and best, yet it has the metal nose piece!" as one reviewer noted. But for those looking to spice things up a bit? Our next one's for you...

best disposable face mask
Instagram via @dealsramp
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Allow us to introduce you to your new obsession: Barrière's Tie Dye Multi Mask. Look familiar? We're not the only ones who can't get enough of the stylish staple. Available in an array of fun colors, the breathable mask has already been spotted on several A-listers, including Irina Shayk, Emma Roberts, Naomi Watts, and Katie Holmes (as seen below). The FDA-approved, recycled cloths are perfect for anyone looking to add some flavor to their winter wardrobe. And while, yes, $24/10 pack is a bit steep on our wallets, what better time to treat yourself?

Last but certainly not least? MaskC's Neutral Variety Pack masks are so genius, we honestly can't believe we didn't think of them first. Available in several warm shades and tones, the camouflaged clothes might just be the prettiest masks we've ever seen. From "Evening Sand" to "Cafe au Lait," the versatile pack has got something for everybody. Not to mention all our favorite A-listers are already repping it. From Bella Hadid to EmRata to KoKo, staying trendy has never looked (and felt) better. Happy shopping! And be sure to stay tuned for all the latest beauty finds...

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