Does Happily Ever After Still Exist in the Bachelor Mansion?

Luna Dawson

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True love is hard to come by, and meeting "your person" the old-fashioned way, without swiping right on an app seems nearly impossible these days.

Signing onto the Bachelor/ Bachelorette means publicizing your love life and welcoming all opinions from the audience, no matter how harsh they are. Somehow few of them actually find their happily-ever-after.


This sparks the question, are contestants even looking for love at this point? There's no doubt that these guys and girls come out of this show with quite the fan-base, especially if their hearts were broken in front of millions of people. Many of them move on to find true love after the season has come to a close, making it seem as if maybe love wasn't their priority all along.

In over 20 seasons of the bachelor, only four couples have remained together, showing that the series' success rate is not all that high. There have also been various contestants over the years who were later discovered to be in a relationship already, and simply using the show to promote themselves, their business, or just stir the pot for a good laugh.

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Looks like true love may not be as prominent in the bachelor mansion as one would hope, but it sure can open a whole new window of opportunities.