Dorm-Friendly Workouts to Help you Social Distance at School

Luna Dawson

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Heading back to school means getting back into a routine, which requires making some changes given the social-distancing restrictions. But not to worry, we have some tips and tricks to help you settle back in and create a brand new routine right from your dorm room.

Back to School Home Workout
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If you consider yourself a gym rat, you might have a tough time imagining life without a gym membership. Believe it or not, you can complete an effective workout without even stepping outside.

Students often complain that textbooks are too heavy to carry from class to class, but now you can take advantage of this extra weight. These heavy books can make the perfect weights for either curling, squatting with weights, or anything else that involves lifting. Laundry detergent also makes for great dumbbells.

Alternative Weights Home Workout
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Another useful piece of equipment is your desk chair, that can come in handy to work many different muscles. Whether you're doing pushups like the girl in this video, or tricep dips on the edge, a chair has more purposes than you'd think.

Another exercise that can be done from any location, without equipment, is a plank, or really any ab workout. All you need is a comfortable surface to lay on, and you can get the best results possible.

And don't forget, exercising outdoors is also a great idea! Go for a run, do some stretching outside, or even just take a long walk with friends - while keeping a safe distance, of course.