Easy Substitutions for Dumbbells During Your Home Workouts

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During this mind-blowing time of quarantine and social-distancing, nearly every aspect of life has shifted to online and can be done in your living room. With the number of free workouts on the internet, it seems like everyone is on a fitness kick.

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For those of you who have been putting off arm day for weeks because you don't have weights at home, we have a solution for you! Grab a couple of sacks of flour from the pantry, and start lifting above your head, or use in a squat.

Another kitchen item that comes in very hands is milk. Whether you're ready to handle a gallon or just a pint, you now have your perfect curling dumbbells.

If you don't have milk or flour, then you're sure to have large bottles of water, which can be used the same way as the milk. Pro tip; Handles come in very handy during these exercises.