Everything Shower: The TikTok Trend for Your Mind and Body


| LAST UPDATE 10/30/2023

By Amelia Taylor
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Have you seen the latest viral TikTok trend, the 'everything shower?' With over 426 million views, it's quickly become one of our favorites. An 'everything shower' is a head-to-toe pampering session where you take care of everything from cleansing to washing your hair. It's the perfect way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. ‘How can it be calming? It will hike up my water bill tenfold.' However, there are many benefits to this latest TikTok trend. 

An everything shower is a long, luxurious shower where you pamper yourself from head to toe. Think deep cleansing for your hair and skin, exfoliating, shaving, applying hair masks and oils, and scalp scrubs. If you can't afford to go to the spa or don't have the time, an 'everything shower' brings the spa right to you and gives you the flexibility to choose when it best suits you. 

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To prep for your 'everything shower,' pick a night with enough time to spare. Before showering, prepare your bedroom by changing your sheets. Turn on the AC to enjoy a comfortable post-shower experience. If you have a pre-shower hair treatment, now is the time to lather it on. Give your hair a dry brush, let it sit for a bit, and start running the water to your liking. Once we're finally in the shower, it's time to body scrub and rid yourself of dead skin. It's time to shampoo and condition, as you would any other day. Grab your favorite skin cleanser and scrape any grime off you. Rinse and apply a face mask; the steam from the shower will help it stick. Next up, grab some body wash and make sure you have removed all the previously applied products. Turn the water off, and we are ready to begin the post-shower routine. Dry yourself gently and put on fresh loungewear. Grab face serum, moisturizer, body lotion, and hair treatment to apply the finishing touches.

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It sounds completely exhausting, but health specialists believe the 'everything shower' has more benefits than cons. Clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Tania Taylor told Healthline that she believes that the power of ritual, not expensive lotions and potions, matters most in an 'everything shower.' She emphasized that taking time out for yourself is the most beneficial factor. "Rituals, routines, and habits are known to have a positive effect on our meantal health because they support us in feeling safe, confident, and comfortable."

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