The Gua Sha Is Officially a Body Tool Too!


| LAST UPDATE 01/11/2023

By Peral Simons
Gua Sha Body Lymphatic Drainage
@theschooloffinetuning via Instagram

If you've spent even just one minute on the skincare side of social media, you're likely to have fallen for the gua sha phenomenon. The facial tool that promises to define our cheekbones, reduce puffiness and leave us glowing has blown up in recent years, with everyone desperate to give it a go. A lesser-known fact is that the gua sha can work wonders on your body as well, and it's seriously worthwhile allocating it some time in your nighttime routine. Don't believe us? Here's everything it claims to offer...

"Body gua sha massage is the perfect technique for cellulite, tension, and fluid retention. As you begin to release stress and break up fascia adhesions and connective tissue with the gua sha tool, you increase blood flow in the skin so that more nutrients enter the skin and waste leaves the skin," explained the founder of Conscious Living by Sophie. "It also helps promote lymphatic drainage, helping flush out toxins and fluid, and helping to decrease swelling." 

Gua Sha Body Benefits
@peonilla via Instagram
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Now you're on board, let's break down how to break up those fascia adhesions. For those who come home from a day of work with computer-induced posture pain, introduce the gua sha to your neck. After massaging oil into the skin, put the tool behind your eye and slowly move it down to the shoulder. Do this to each side of the neck around 6 or 7 times.

Struggling with cellulite? Get the gua sha to work on your thighs! After applying oil, move the tool at an angle in long strokes and low pressure. Move slowly from the bottom of the outer thigh up until the hop. Do 3-5 strokes per area until the whole thigh is covered. Repeat on the other thigh. Lastly, drain your upper body lymphatic drainage with the miraculous gua sha. On oiled skin, move it upwards in long sweeps from the wrist to the elbow to the shoulder. Section by section, 3-5 strokes in each, work your way through both of your arms. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a body gua sha now and get stroking!

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