Your Guide to the Annual Pre-Spring Refresh


| LAST UPDATE 01/29/2023

By Peral Simons
Spring Clean Declutter Hacks
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It may not feel like it right now, but believe it or not, Spring is just around the corner! While some are excited by the prospect of the big annual Spring clean ahead, the rest are praying the calendar will slow down and give us more time to curl up in the cold. But Spring cleaning doesn't have to be so bad, especially if you get ahead of the game now and implement some new cleaning and organizing routines! Here are our tips for preparing for spring cleaning and having some fun while doing so!

First up, we have the list. This tried and tested approach helps us get almost every part of our lives in order and provides serious satisfaction. Seep eco-cleaning products founder Laura Harnett recommends the trusted list for mapping out your Spring cleaning action plan. Include the big and small tasks on there to guarantee you're ticking off something every day and keep you motivated. On a similar note, she recommends creating "a playlist of your favorite, upbeat songs, or research podcasts to listen to, to help you fly through tasks when you come to clean." According to Harnett, planning ahead for the big clean will ensure you don't procrastinate when the time comes, as the preparation will help ensure it all seems less overwhelming.

Cleaning List Chores Hacks
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It's also recommended to begin the decluttering process ahead of time. "Take everything out of cupboards and drawers, and sort through methodically," Harnett suggests. "My simple hack is to put things back where they belong in the home. When everything's in its right place, you can see exactly what you have. Then, decide what to keep, donate to charity or share on apps."

Now you know what you want to keep in the house, make the most of the storage space available by investing in a range of storage solutions. There are many options for storing things neatly in your fridge, kitchen cabinet, or closet, whether it's containers, baskets, or dividers. Swapping out bulky hangers for uniform slim ones can also work wonders for freeing up closet space. As winter draws to a close, store the bulkier items, such as the winter duvet, blankets, and coats, in vacuum bags. Immediately, you'll be amazed at the increased space available and feel ready to tackle the Spring clean!

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