Health Coach Reveals Holistic Tips for Inner Joy


| LAST UPDATE 12/26/2021

By Lia Thomson
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When we're overwhelmed, the best thing that we can do is take a step back and prioritize ourselves. Sometimes those changes occur internally rather than just externally. Here are 5 ways to increase inner happiness this new year from a holistic health coach.

Arielle Simone decided to become a certified holistic nutritionist after going through her own struggles in 2011. Her programs make sure her patients are "prioritizing the positives." This means that before removing our "bad" habits, we should incorporate "good" ones.

Arielle suggests that the first important factor to add to your life this 2022 is a good morning routine. The way your morning is started will set the tone for the rest of the day. Simone explained, "It’s important not to rush out of bed or to grab a phone immediately. For starters, begin with something you like. Even if it’s five minutes to think about meditating or what you may need, even if it’s just a stretch. It’s perfectly fine to start with a glass of water or fruit." Establishing a set routine can help give feelings of calmness and possibly reduce anxiety. She further explained, "When you start your morning off with more intention, you give yourself more energy to feel more in control."

Food also impacts our overall health and, of course, our mental health. It can be easier to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet, by following a more plant-based lifestyle. The nutritionist gave examples, "Think of where you can add a vegetable into your smoothies or lunch and start there. It’s important to try new vegetables. We need them for energy and for our brains to function at their fullest potential." Simone clarified, "A lot of times we think we crave carbs and sugar, but we’re actually craving adventure and laughter or joy and intimacy." To fulfill those cravings Simone recommends her clients find an activity they are fond of. "Just getting outside and having a creative hobby—be it nature or painting or dancing—that brings home a lot of emotions for us. It feeds us in a very intentional way." Having a creative outlet helps us get away from the stresses of day-to-day life. "So many of us have jobs and responsibilities that can be overwhelming, but creative hobbies allow us to feel free and uplifted.”

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The fourth thing Simone advises is to learn how your body likes to move. Some people enjoy running, while others opt for slower movement, like yoga or pilates. There is no right or wrong answer! Working out has many benefits, and finding the way you prefer to do so will be the best way to be motivated this upcoming year. Simone said, "We’re all complex and multilayered people, so we have to find joy in exercise that feels right on an individual level. When we do something because we want, we start to realize our body’s strength and flexibility."

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Finally, the last step in finding more joy is to start romanticizing your life. It can be easy to mindlessly rush through your tasks. It's important to have more intention and slow down. "We forget to add enjoyment to our own lives and shouldn’t lean on outside sources in this way. Ask yourself what quality time with yourself looks like," Simone continued, "This can look like taking more time to decompress out of the shower and giving yourself space to feel. Not rushing is a form of luxury."

Don't forget to check out Simone's Instagram for more daily tips. Happy New Year!