Here's How to Get Over That Crush: Six Helpful Hacks to Move On


| LAST UPDATE 01/23/2023

By Genevieve Scott

We know because getting over that crush isn't as easy as it sounds!

Thought Catalog

Are you sitting and wondering why you can't shake off that crush of yours? Why you can't stop thinking of them or just simply want their attention? We've all been there. Regardless of why they're not as interested as we'd like them to be, it's not the best feeling.

But for now, you probably want to focus on moving. Have a look below at some of the suggested tips, we hope some will help you get over that unwanted crush as fast as possible!

1. Talk It Out and Let It Go

Commit to a big venting session with a close loved one, either your mom, family member or your best friend and get all those feelings out in the open! Talking things through will help you understand more about why and how you feel the way you do.

2. Try Not To Obsess

While talking about it is good - don't let the pain be the only thing you think about. Don't relive that rejection! Seek all the distractions you can, do things that make your heart smile with loved ones.

3. Don't Stalk Their Social Media!

Getting over someone is hard enough, but looking at their accounts is worse. The best advice is, Unfollow. Don't make it harder on yourself. You might not know this but checking on them online keeps the dead relationship alive on your end, while it's not for the other person. Be strong and unfollow!


4. Know Your Worth and Do What You Love

While getting over someone, friends always say, "It's their loss," which is true. This person is not the only person in the world. You, however, are the only YOU. Do things you excel at to remind you of this, it will empower you. The right crush will be infatuated with your talents and who you are.

5. Learn From The Situation

After you're back to feeling like your beautiful self again, think about what qualities your old crush had that you liked in him and find it in a new one! Did they have a great smile or a great sense of humor? Did you like the same music? Or what didn't you like about them? You don't need to dive into another romantic relationship but its helpful to understand what you're into and what you're not.

6. It's Temporary, You're Not Alone

No matter how much your beautiful heart is hurting, know that this awful feeling won't last forever. You WILL move on. All feelings are temporary. Allow yourself to go through the phases of loss, if you will, and you will come out much stronger, shaped and beautiful!