How to Complete Your Daily Workout Without Gym Access

Luna Dawson

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When it comes to staying healthy and desperately trying to avoid Coronavirus, we all have to make a lot of sacrifices, many of which interrupt our daily routines. Fitness centers are high up on the list of places to avoid. However, this doesn't mean you have to put your personal fitness on hold.

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It's time for an in-home workout! Even if you think your living room does not have space for any form of exercise, do some rearranging and create the space you need. If your floor is too hard to be comfortable laying on, put down a mat, and get down to business.

Since your roommates or family members are mostly also stuck at home, use each other as motivation. If you're feeling lost without the guidance of a trainer, download a free fitness app that you can access at any point during the day.

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With spring approaching, take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air. Instead of your usual run on the treadmill, go for a run through your neighborhood. This way, you'll avoid germs, take in the fresh air, and even save money while you're at it!