How to Make Stylish Masks at Home

Luna Dawson

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With the urge to wear masks outside of the house being emphasized more and more every day, it seems like it's getting harder to find them in stores. It's time to leave the medical masks to the professionals, and get creative with making our own!


If you find a bandana lying around, throw it in the wash, and then transform it into a stylish mask to keep the germs away. Just fold it in half so it forms a triangle, and tie it securely around your face.

Another great way to make a mask at home is by using an old t-shirt. Cut some fabric from the shirt so it's big enough to cover your mouth and nose, then to a string to either end and voila, you now have a stylish mask to go grocery shopping in.


There are plenty of ways to get creative and use all sorts of materials you have around the house to make a protective face mask during this unusual time. You can even choose the perfect fabric to match your favorite quarantine wardrobe!