How To Get Rid of Insomnia Using Epsom Bath Salts


| LAST UPDATE 12/29/2021

By Lia Thomson
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A good way to banish insomnia is by creating a relaxing nighttime routine to let your body know it's time to unwind. One of the best ways to achieve this feeling is by taking a nice hot bath, especially if Epsom salt is involved. Here's how it works.

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First, let's understand exactly what Epsom salt is. There are tiny crystals made up of magnesium sulfate and when they are combined with water, the two components split up. Magnesium has been known for its calming effects.

Now, how does it work? Brooke Skinner, who started The Ritual, a company that sells ritual kits, explained, "Salt is full of minerals that helps to relax the muscles and release tension. This deeply relaxing form of bathing promotes a deeper sleep." The Epsom salt is able to penetrate the skin to enter the muscles and provide an intense relaxation. The heat from the water is another aspect that leads to a better night's sleep. Increasing the body temperatures lets it know its bedtime because naturally, we tend to get hotter throughout the night.

Another sense that needs to be soothed is our smell. Placing lit candles by the bath or adding a few drops of essential oils can really boost the effects. Scents like lavender rose, and vanilla work best. The combination of adding Epsom salt into a warm tub and calming smells surrounding you is a sure way to get your insomnia to beat it. Skinner said, "The combination of these releases and support help us to feel like a weight has been lifted off one's shoulders and can simply let go and allow rest to begin."

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When it comes to insomnia, our minds may be more awake than our bodies. Placing your thought in that calm state may be more difficult but Skinner recommends taking this time to set your intentions. She said, "After running a bath, take some bath salts and with each sprinkle speak words of intention into the water, such as: I go about my day with ease and grace. Or I am love, I am joy, I am magnetic."

Make sure to try out Epsom salt, where you can purchase here, to reduce insomnia. Have a good night.