Why You Should Jot Down Your Fears Each Morning


| LAST UPDATE 08/23/2022

By Lia Thomson
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We are all guilty of trying to avoid our fears and anxieties - because who wants to deal with that?! But as we all know deep inside, the only way to overcome these thoughts is to face your fears. And one way to do that is by journaling about what you're worried about first thing in the morning. Here's why habit expert and coach Michael Chernow believes you should be adding this into your A.M. routine.

Gratitude journals were all the rage last year, but now a new concept has taken over to help us get a little closer to a better version of ourselves. Enter, fear journaling! The writing prompt allows you to have a safe space to write out and express everything you're feeling. It's helpful because there is no judgment, and fear can be a complicated emotion that our brains sometimes can't comprehend. So freestyle writing can help us understand where the anxiety came from and how to overcome it better.

journal anxiety morning routine
@joinform via Instagram
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"Fear, when looked at closely, is the most unique emotion in the human condition," Chernow explained. "Fear can absolutely debilitate us mentally, physically, and spiritually. However, at the same time, it can motivate us to climb the highest mountains, take the risk we need to take in order to hit that goal, or commit to the husband or wife who you have designed your life with." Essentially if things caused you to be freaked out, then maybe they're not worth it.

Yet another reason why this practice can be so beneficial is that we have different fears every day, so looking back at what you wrote a few months can show you how much growth you've had. "I spent so much time stressing out about things that just never came true," Chernow revealed about what he goes through. "What that has taught me is that fear is mostly fabricated, created into a story we tell ourselves, and the more we are self-aware, the easier it will be to live with fear rather than in fear." Make sure you check out Chernow's Instagram for more mental health hacks!

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