Learn How To Make Jessie James-Decker's Quarantine Cocktails


| LAST UPDATE 09/02/2021

By Genevieve Scott

Happy Cinco De Mayo! On Wednesday, May 5, Jessie James Decker took to the 'gram to join in on the annual festivities. As for what that called for?Go ahead and grab that glass, we've got a feeling you're going to be needing it real soon…

Jessie James, Cocktail, Quarantine
Instagram via @jessiejamesdecker

Dressed head to toe in Kittenish, of course, the blonde beauty raised her glass as she sipped on her favorite margarita. "Who doesn't do a little shimmy after the first sip?" she joked. If that's the case, there's a whole lot of shimmying headed your way: Here's how you can get your hands on her tasty drink - and others.

For her "Tipsy Quarantea," start by pouring 1oz of vodka into a glass filled with ice. Include 1oz of rum, 1 cup of ice tea, a splash of simple syrup, 1oz of lemon juice, and garnish with lemon and mint.

For margarita lovers, her "This Sh*t Is Strong Quarantita" will be right up your alley. It calls for 2 squeezed oranges, 5tbs of lime juice, 4 shots of tequila, and 2 squirts of agave poured over ice into a shaker. Shake and pour into an ice-filled glass.


For her "Quarantini," start by filling a glass with ice and red wine. Add flavored sparkling water, (Jessie used a berry-flavored one) add a little sugar and lemon, and top off with a dash Pedialyte.

You can always check out Jessie's tutorials on her Instagram page, as well! Happy mixing!