Get Your Life in Order With These Organizational Hacks


| LAST UPDATE 10/16/2022

By Peral Simons
Organized Workspace Decluttering Hacks
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Whether you're starting a new college semester or preparing for a new job, it's easy to quickly feel overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks in front of you. Those put-together folks make it all look so easy - seamlessly multi-tasking their day jobs and social lives and even having time for a 'hot-girl walk?' But, it turns out, these people were not born-this-way. Instead, they have trained themselves to be hyper-organized, staying on top of everything that comes their way. It's all down to a good routine and sensible habits which anyone, yes even you, can learn and practice. Let's break it all down step by step...

This may sound strikingly obvious but writing things down is the number one best way to stay organized and avoid stress. It's been proven time and time again that if you jot something down, you are more likely to remember it. Although it feels safely stored in your mind, it can easily slip to the back when a new thing takes its place. That friend that always remembers important dates and events? Yeah, chances are they wrote it in their planner. Life is not one big memory game; drop whatever it is down on a piece of paper and be confident you won't forget. From birthdays to grocery store lists, nothing is too good for a pad of paper!

Organizational Hack Weekly Planner
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Now you've written down everything you need to get done; it's time to make it all happen. A key way to ensure your tasks are done right and on time is to set strict deadlines and map out a daily or weekly schedule to meet them. These personal deadlines should be treated with as much respect as official ones - they must be stuck to! The same thing can be done with career or life goals; write them out and plan how exactly they can be achieved.

Before you begin working, you should look around at your workspace and remember the phrase, "a tidy space is a tidy mind." Keeping your surroundings decluttered will help to ensure your brain can match that energy. Store all your work supplies in organized, labeled boxes - everything in your life should have a place it calls home, so no time is wasted locating or finding places for them. You can even take it a step further and schedule-in some organizational time! Don't procrastinate, and get started now!

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