The Benefits of Magnesium


| LAST UPDATE 07/27/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Magnesium is an important supplement that we should probably all be taking. Especially those of us who struggle with anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, and muscle pain. The micronutrient is essential for many of our bodily functions, including our metabolic processes and overall health. Here's why you should consider adding magnesium into your wellness routine.

The mineral in question is often acquired from seawater, and it has over 300 enzymes that our bodies need to run smoothly and efficiently. A few things it promotes are energy production and bone development. Not just that, but magnesium also regulates other functions such as muscle contraction, glycemic control, and blood pressure. So clearly, taking this supplement each day will help optimize body performance.

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If the benefits haven't yet persuaded you to run to the store and pick up a bottle of magnesium, then maybe knowing how a lack of the nutrient affects the body will. Research has shown that roughly 52% of Americans don't meet the daily requirement for magnesium. And a magnesium deficiency leads to irritability, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue. It's recommended to take upwards of 420mg for men and 320 for women each day to ensure you don't fall into the deficient category. "Magnesium is like a natural Valium. It calms us, nourishes our brain, helps us to get better sleep at night, and relaxes our muscles. It's the key to vitamin D absorption, which makes sense as to why so many of us are deficient in vitamin D," revealed leading nutritional expert and New York Times best-selling author Naomi Whittel. "Take magnesium, and you will start to absorb your vitamin D, which in turn will boost immunity, strengthen our bones, and support heart health - it's like instant liquid sunshine." 

There are numerous forms of magnesium, from pill to liquid, and most work the same way. But for best results, Whittel recommends spreading your intake throughout the day. “I take 100 mg in the morning with my coffee, and I feel an extra burst of energy. Take 100 mg at lunch or in the middle of the day when you need a little pick-me-up and the remainder of magnesium before you snuggle into your bed. It will increase the amount of REM you get so you will wake up having gotten some real beauty sleep, and your brain will be deeply nourished while you rest.” Check out some of these Amazon magnesium supplements. 

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