Natural Ways To Cure A Hangover


| LAST UPDATE 09/13/2022

By Peral Simons
Hangover Natural Remedy Cures
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As much as we wish we could say the unbearable hangover days are behind us, they are still very much a prominent part of our lives. It always seems to be the right decision on the night, but the following morning we wake up feeling like garbage, regretting that extra drink the night before. While occasionally, we can continue to sleep it off, laying in bed until we feel good as new, other times we don't have that luxury. For the mornings when you have no choice but to continue on with your day, these natural remedies will help nurse you back to health.

If you're one to party the night away on a regular basis, you might want to stock up your fridge with coconut water. As you drink alcohol, your body is left dehydrated as it prevents your kidneys from being able to absorb their usual quantities of water. This causes an electrolyte imbalance which leaves you with a headache and exhaustion. Of course, the obvious solution is to drink in abundance to restore what was lost, but coconut water will take it a step further as it helps to replenish the electrolytes. Adding it to a smoothie is a great hack if you don't like the taste!

Coconut Water Hangover Remedy
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Milk thistle tea can work wonders for your liver as it works to cleanse and detoxify it naturally. Drinking it the morning after a night out will help to prevent any liver damage from drinking and minimize the hangover symptoms. Another drink option is a ginger-lemon tonic which is known in the homeopathic industry to decrease feelings of nausea (very relevant here!) Throw together some fresh ginger, hot water, and lemon, and you're good to go. If none of these sound appetizing to you, just make sure to fill your body with some nourishing food!

Now you've filled your stomach; it's time to get up and get moving. Whether walking or stretching, any light movement will leave you feeling refreshed as you sweat out the toxins. If that's not doing the trick, jump in the shower, turning the water from hot to cold just before you exit. This harsh switch will increase circulation and eliminate toxins. Soon, you'll feel as good as new!

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