New Year, New Rule to Live By


| LAST UPDATE 01/05/2023

By Christiana Holland
Rule Of Half Poosh Hacks
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We're back! And this time, we are embracing everything about the new year. We have a good feeling about 2023, but there's no better way to maintain a positive mindset than break through a whole bunch of new rules to follow. We're on this path together, so it's only right to share our best secrets to help you keep track of your resolutions.

Let's talk about habits. While we can think of it as 30 consecutive days equals success, this isn't always the case. New habits can be anything, something to learn or a toxic element that we need to cut out of our lives once and for all. This could range from monitoring our own red flags and overcoming them or putting a halt to those nasty habits like biting your nails. It always feels so easy to have excuses because, in hindsight, they're easy to find. Those tricky habits are not going away overnight after the 31st of December. But there are solid techniques and routines to help us push through gradually, and eventually, we will conquer our new year resolutions. Here's a little secret, and it's called 'the rule of half.'

Rule Of Half Poosh Lifehacks
@justineskye via Instagram
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According to Poosh and Miss Kourtney Kardashian-Barker, this is a more effective, therapeutic, and sustainable way to overcome bad habits. While there are those lucky ones out there who can cut these out cold turkey in the blink of an eye, it doesn't work like that for everyone. So, let's get into it. Once you have your habit in mind, start by cutting it down into smaller elements. We are going it tackle it one step at a time. Once we cut it down, this will ultimately be easier to tackle. As the rule says, cut it in half. For example, if you're a TV junkie and you feel like you might need to start stimulating the mind more, the answer is simple. Try cutting down the hours. Don't think that this means you can't have any more lazy couch Sundays, but it might be useful to reduce the time slumped out of reality. Once you feel like you're comfortable with less exposure to The Real Housewives, cut the hours in half over again until, eventually, you're satisfied with the hours. 


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The whole point of this method is to not completely restrict. Just like when it comes to eating healthy, we can't cut out everything at once. This is an overwhelming and unsustainable method that only would result in a vicious cycle of craving what you've completely lost. This way, we are 'pooshing' our way through 2023, cutting back one step at a time!

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