No Better Time to Bring a Furry Friend Into Your Life

Luna Dawson

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Being stuck at home without family or friends can get quite lonely, and there are only so many activities to keep yourself occupied each day. There is a solution, however, that gives you a friend while doing a good deed all at the same time.


If you've always wanted to bring a furry friend into your life but never had the time to care for it with your busy schedule, now is your time! Let's face it, you're stuck at home anyway, so may as well save a loving animal from the shelter while bringing some joy into your life.

The shelters are overcrowded and the animals are dying to be adopted. If you can't make the longterm commitment to care for a pet, consider fostering! Taking in an animal for even a few weeks can help with the process of finding them a forever home, and will bring you some happiness during this strange time.