Your Official Guide to a Liver Detox


| LAST UPDATE 03/21/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Ever wonder why it's important to detox our liver? The liver doesn't just help us metabolize toxins, but it also makes sure our energy is balanced. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), when our energy is stable, our body functions properly. Yet when the qi or energetic life force is unstable, these processes are, in turn, also unstable. The blockage of flowing energy leads to problems for us physically and emotionally.

Even more so, this relationship is vice versa. Stagnation due to unhealthy habits will cause negative emotions, but those same feelings will, in turn, impact how the liver functions. It's an unfortunate cycle that affects many aspects of the body, including digestion and gut health. Here's how you can help prevent this from happening...

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The first step in fixing this issue is to try and massage it away. Typically a slap sends a rush of energy flowing through the qi because it boosts circulation. Our body is full of these energy pathways or meridians, and the one connected to the liver is located under the armpit, alongside the ribs. Try giving yourself hard pats on these areas going up and down for a total of 49 times. (Don't forget to do both sides!) Doing this each day may increase the circulation o energy and help the liver return to its normal duties.

Another thing you can try is to simply exercise more. It doesn't need to be intense HIIT workouts or an hour of lifting weights, even just going on a nice long stroll will help the lymphatic drainage system get moving. This, of course, boosts the qi energy and will push your body out of the funk it may be in. Lastly, according to TCM, implementing herbs and plants such as turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and chilis is crucial. Not only for their inflammatory properties but for the benefits they provide in moving energy. Check out these turmeric pills on Amazon to get a head start on helping your liver detox...

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