29+ Frigid Pics of the North American Arctic Blast That Gave Us Chills


| LAST UPDATE 02/12/2023

By Genevieve Scott

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with. In certain places, such as the United States, locals are no strangers to plunging temperatures and wild weather - but these storms caught on camera were more striking than imaginable.


An excuse for not leaving the house is often sought out by those who are unsociable. But one look at the image below, and it seems that these residents won't be leaving home anytime soon…

buffalo blizzard 2023buffalo blizzard 2023
u/help_theBear via Reddit

Residents were trapped with no certainty on how long until they were allowed outside again, leaving them with this now-viral picture. This chilling experience serves as a warning to all who might be tempted by social hibernation: mother nature can always take it one step further.

Winter Wonderland Wash

When this Texas resident arrived at his local car wash, his heart sank. He couldn't believe what he saw. The area had been covered by thick icicles, after icy temperatures had clearly taken over. Every inch of the carwash was encased in icy layers of snow and frosty covering - with temperatures dipping way below zero degrees Celsius.

car wash frozen viralcar wash frozen viral
@guthrie.atx via Instagram

It was a stunning sight to see but certainly not one to be taken lightly - temperatures like these could mean serious danger for anyone caught in it if they weren't prepared. With this in mind, he quickly went back to the safety of his home, fearful of the weather conditions outside.

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Ice Meets Fire

Back in 2019, an unpredictable snowstorm induced a time of fear for those living in Chicago. It was almost as if Mother Nature had set her eyes on freezing everything, making it difficult for people to move around while temperatures hit a heart-stopping -6°F/-22°C.

chicago winter snow firechicago winter snow fire
NBC News via YouTube

At such a critical turning point, railway workers stepping into the frozen city demonstrated courage, ready to counteract the weather's wrath with their own strategic solution: setting fire to trains! NBC News reports that these brave heroes did all this to "combat freezing temperatures."

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Daring Commuter

This registered nurse had a job to do, and so she faced the biting cold with determination. She put on the most winter-ready gear that money could buy: ski goggles, poles, and wellington boots – no skis required. And the result? This viral picture below!

viral snow storm workerviral snow storm worker
@iplantpeople via Twitter

It was an unorthodox route of transportation, but it sure proved to be efficient. At a time when people were stranded inside their homes, this brave medical practitioner powered through the snow to practice her compassion for others. And we love to see it.

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When the Road Becomes a Rink

Bracing Seattle's weather can be tricky, but this winter posed some extra struggles. The frozen roads were an entirely new problem for locals to grapple with and seemed insurmountable. But it only took a creative spirit, willing to take on the conditions, to make the most of the situation.

ice skating rink frozen riverice skating rink frozen river
@igorkosianets via TikTok

This resident made headlines across social media when they strapped on ice skates and glided down their local road, embracing what Mother Nature had given her instead of feeling discouraged. It was a nice alternative to driving, which would have put lives in danger.

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Icy Wonderland

This neighbor's front yard was completely covered by snow. The Buffalo blizzard hit them hard, leaving only one option: stay indoors. Despite feeling fearful and surrounded by the bitter cold, she basked in the warmth of her home. As the darkness of night faded away, this surreal scene lit up like a dream, with crystal-like snowflakes glistening in the sun's rays.

buffalo snow storm viral picturebuffalo snow storm viral picture
@SarhElizabeth34 via Twitter

Nothing but her sheer determination kept her resilient despite the difficult conditions - Mother Nature is powerful, after all. Nevertheless, waking up to this chilling view was truly a sight to be seen. Though, being snowed in can bring chances for family bonding and new memories that will last a lifetime.

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No Way Out

The harshness of Canadian winters is an undeniable fact - and this man experienced it first-hand! Fighting his way through the snow, all he wanted to do was open his front door... But to his dismay, he simply could not: His garage door was completely iced shut

frozen doorknob viral tiktokfrozen doorknob viral tiktok
@aliciaos_ via TikTok

The icicles that coated both the frame and handle left him with no other option than to capture the moment. The chilling feeling of shock and helplessness had to be daunting as he looked upon his frozen obstacle, a reminder that these temperatures could take anyone by surprise.

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Frozen Faucets

Granted, snow storms are typically up North - but South Central states have also been hit with severe weather. Look no further than this Oklahoma family, shocked to find massive damage after experiencing icy temperatures. In a photo posted online, they shared a startling update.

frozen faucet snow stormfrozen faucet snow storm
@angelas_klever_k9s via Instagram

It was so chilly outside that it was affecting the water systems - and just about everything else. As the family documented online, when they attempted to turn on the tap for some water, it froze up, with long-stemmed icicles forming in the sink instead.

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"Worst Storm"

The aftermath of December 2022's Buffalo blizzard was possibly the scariest part of it all. With snow drifts of up to 10 feet, over 25 inches of snowfall, and 70 mph winds, the impact was felt for days – cutting people off from staples such as water, electricity, and food.

2022 buffalo blizzard aftermath2022 buffalo blizzard aftermath
u/Rachel53461 via Reddit

The concern was great as many essential workers, such as firemen, doctors, and mail carriers, were unable to access their destinations due to the mountains of snow blocking their way. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz called the blizzard "the worst storm probably in our lifetime."

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Goodbye Living Room

This user found herself shocked as the aftermath of yet another snowstorm cleared. When she awoke, her worst fears were realized - her front door had been blown off its hinges, as if a powerful force had come through it. Snow filled the room like grain flooding a silo, and it was almost too much to fathom!

snow drift viral picturesnow drift viral picture
@4KelseyAnderson via Twitter

Not only that, but pictures hanging on the walls were on the opposite side of the room from where they used to hang, and precious valuables lay exposed under its blanket of white. She knew then that she hadn't prepared enough for this latest bout of weather that Mother Nature threw at her.

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Snowman Selfie

Unfortunately, it seems some people think they can defy Mother Nature and bear even the most extreme temperatures. Take this unknown fellow in Canada, who thought a casual morning stroll would suffice... little did he know his clothes and facial hair were set to freeze over in a split second!

snow storm canada 2022snow storm canada 2022
u/jaymesucks via Reddit

A photo capturing his unassuming figure covered with snow lends ample proof of how quickly sub-zero temperatures can take grip of us. We can't help but think about what other discoveries lurk during winter days, so we hope everyone takes the warning seriously - wrap up warm or pay the chilling consequences!

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160 Degree Difference

On the day of this particular forecast, the weatherman was stunned at the extreme variance the U.S. presented - it almost felt like two entirely different countries altogether! Montana experienced an icy freeze that rivaled its chilly winters, while in Miami, at the very same moment, temperatures rose to a balmy 80 degrees Fahrenheit! 

viral weather forecast miamiviral weather forecast miami
@MattDevittWINK via Twitter

It was a shocking juxtaposition for a country that only measures 4 hours of flight time between the separated points; it left some wondering if they had accidentally traveled much further than anticipated. That glaring difference in climate felt only reinforced by how vast and diverse the land truly is!

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Chilled Clothing

The woman was both fearful and bemused by this odd occurrence. She had never witnessed laundry becoming crisp, crunchy items. Yet, she wasn't exactly sure what this meant for her garments either, could she still wear them - or had the cold weather ruined them forever?

frozen laundry viral tiktokfrozen laundry viral tiktok
@onmytodd via TikTok

Despite her apprehension, she decided to take a closer look at her laundry line and humor herself with the odd shapes and positions each item was frozen in. She couldn't help but laugh at the stiffened arms of a sweater protruding into the air and jeans that appeared to have been superficially folded - like an illusion!

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Snow Drifts

The intensity of the storms that hit Buffalo this winter had been astonishing to many, with some describing it as downright frightening. Residents shared photos to social media, accompanied with words like ‘Alarming’ and ‘What’s happening?’ when discussing snow drifts that had reached as high as 10 feet.

worst buffalo blizzard 2014worst buffalo blizzard 2014
@oldsman79 via Twitter

"Yes, that is a 10' drift. #Buffalo," this resident documented. With winds causing snow from multiple directions to pile together, the situation quickly became unbelievable. The view from slanted roofs in the image captured further indicates just how bad it had become - a reminder that New Yorkers need to be prepared whenever winter comes around!

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The Vanishing Jeep

Living in Western New York, everyone knows the drill: prepare for the coldest winter months and put snow tires on your car. After all, it only takes a few short hours of steady snowing to transform roads into whiteout conditions. Let this photo do all the talking here...

snow car road buffalosnow car road buffalo
@thej_dubs via Instagram

2014 was a chilling reminder of that reality when one homeowner caught their Jeep completely disappearing under a layer of accumulating snowfall. One look at this remarkable sight serves as a reminder of what could happen if you are not prepared for the wild weather that icy seasons can bring!

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Road to Nowhere

Buffalo residents felt a growing sense of awe as the snow continued to fall and completely obscure the road, cars, and even larger trucks. This was truly one of those moments that shook up the community - with a reported total of 7 feet of snowfall! Yes, really.

buffalo blizzard snow roadbuffalo blizzard snow road
@KathrynHalberg via Twitter

The shocking sight brought attention to an urgency for rescue - spread among locals who were stuck in their cars on the highway. The woman who tweeted about this emergency situation (above) said her brother had to be rescued, reinforcing the chaos that this storm left in its wake.

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Home Invasion

Homeowners in New York already know about the reality that hits when it comes to snowfall - but we could never have imagined what happened in 2014 in Cheektowaga! WBEN NewsRadio station shared a snap of a house taken at the time by a listener; it showed the extent of destruction caused by the icy conditions.

famous snow storm nyfamous snow storm ny
@WBEN via Twitter

The snow was so intense that parts of the structure had collapsed, creating gaping holes into what used to be windows and doorways. It was truly a shocking display - described as "frightful." And we can see why! We're happy nobody was injured during the incident.

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Bundled in Snow

The striking sight of the snow blanketing Cheektowaga, which some must have thought to be a nightmare, proved unreal to many. Even with the skies vividly clear below, one could still feel an eerie chill in the air from the storm's aftermath.

upstate ny snow stormupstate ny snow storm
@dynamodreams via Twitter

The houses drenched with snow and frozen in ice likely induced a feeling of worry. What kind of destruction was hidden beneath the thick layer of snow? Who was stuck inside domes of white all day long? Thankfully, at least the sun beat down, helping melt what once felt like an eternity of wintery frost.

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Steamy Surprise

The viral user was making their way down a local street as cars scurried past in an attempt to escape the blistering winter morning. Little did they know, it was no ordinary day. Temperatures had dropped to -9 degrees Fahrenheit - and with a wind chill of -40 degrees, battling outside was not an option.

chicago winter weather warningchicago winter weather warning
@MikeLoweReports via Twitter

In fact, despite layers upon layers of winter clothing, no one was expecting what happened next: seemingly out of nowhere, steam started pouring forth from under the Chicago River's surface – yet another reminder that one should never underestimate Mother Nature's whims!

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Frosty Forts

Upon attempting to open their front door, this homeowner was likely shocked to find that outside of their own home felt more like a fortress! With snow piled high up against the doorframe, it had surely become clear that there was no escape from the wrath of this Buffalo blizzard.

snow home rescue buffalo nysnow home rescue buffalo ny
@EmersonBrianJ via Twitter

The deep chill of the air, punctuated by ice-cold gusts of chill wind, had caused an incredible amount of frost. It's now clear just how brutal these Buffalo blizzards can be when one's front door is completely blocked off by snow and rendered unusable - hardly something any resident ever anticipates!

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Welcome to Texas

In Texas, one of the most tell-tale signs that winter is in full force is that of a fountain. The sudden drops in temperature can be so extreme that they surpass the abilities of even the most skilled worker - and this holds especially true when said worker is given no chance to pull the plug on a local fountain.

texas winter weather warningstexas winter weather warnings
@PastorJaimeG via Twitter

This picture serves as a reminder of just how fierce winter can be; while locals are not always used to such drastic events, Texans know all too well about weather warnings - from tornados to hurricanes. Nonetheless, we can't help but feel mesmerized by this frozen fountain!

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No Shovel, No Problem

The winter season can be brutal, and when our emergency supplies are inaccessible at the wrong times, we're left with no other choice but to be as resourceful as possible. Such was the case in Seattle in 2022, when residents were hit by an unexpected and harsh ice storm.

seattle ice storm 2022seattle ice storm 2022
@underthemoonforever via TikTok

With everything covered in thick layers of ice and shovels locked away, one desperate TikTok user resorted to using a kitchen spatula to chip away the layers of frost from their driveway - a creative reminder for us all that living in cold, gloomy areas requires us to always stay prepared.

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A 7-Eleven Sighting

Amidst all of the uncertainty during Buffalo's latest blizzard, there was one place that could still bring some relief - 7-Eleven. At the sight of this blocked-off passage - made entirely out of snow leading directly to its doorstep - we saw a light at the end of the tunnel, literally.

7-eleven buffalo ny7-eleven buffalo ny
@michelleostrander via Instagram

Without even stepping foot inside that store, something tells us it was stocked with whatever one could want in such a situation - flashlights, extra batteries, comfort food, shall we continue? But representing much more than just a convenience store, this path reminded us that there is always hope in gloomy times.

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Snow Escape

Over 5 to 6 feet of snow descended upon Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, creating a near-impossible situation for residents. Bryan Nurmi was one of many locals to become stuck in their own homes - literally. Miraculously, he began the task of digging through the layers of snow that lined his driveway, determined to make it out safely.

viral post buffalo blizzardviral post buffalo blizzard
Bryan Nurmi via Facebook

After hours of work, Bryan finally created a tunnel connecting the back of his driveway with his front door and garage, with 6-and-a-half feet of snow as proof. "Connecting the back of my driveway to the front door, its the only way to get to the garage. Driveway has at least 6 1/2 feet of snow on it," he explained.

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A Frigid New York Lake

News anchor Scott Levin's post is enough to give anyone chills! What had once been a vibrant lake was now barren and covered in a thick layer of ice. The dreary grey color that coated the homes gave us a glimpse into just how icy New York weather could get.

frozen lake upstate nyfrozen lake upstate ny
@ScottLevinTV via Twitter

Even the water itself, which had latched onto the home, had frozen - an eerie sight to behold. "Yikes! My friend's frozen home in Hoover Beach Hamburg, NY!!! He's fine… his house… is pretty cool!" he wrote. Who knows what could happen if temperatures continue to decline in this upcoming season? We guess only time will tell...

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Driving through near whiteout conditions can be incredibly daunting. While blistering storms are far too unpleasant, it's even more unsettling when the weather automatically spirals into a lake-effect! A driver from Buffalo had the unlucky experience of making her way to work in the morning - only to come across an entirely eerie space.

lake effect buffalo blizzard virallake effect buffalo blizzard viral
@kyhenders via Instagram

When a mass of colder air moves along warmer water conditions, their combination creates the perfect fountain for a lake-effect snowstorm to ensue. It was no easy feat traveling in this type of environment, as this user had to drive at a snail's pace - aiming for just 15mph. "Terrible commute," she reflected.

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View From Above

The 2014 Buffalo blizzard was one of the worst storms in history. Fear became a universal feeling, especially when shocking images from the storm flooded social media. It was too late for some to be warned, but this user was able to catch an aerial view of the storm before landing in NY that night.

lake effect buffalo blizzard aerial viewlake effect buffalo blizzard aerial view
@JamesAFry via Twitter

James' striking snapshot garnered online attention, with the Twitter user captioning the picture "#snowmageddon14 #LakeEffect #beyondthewall." Are we the only ones captivated by this chilling photo? The lake-effect is remarkable from above!

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Not A Window

Despite the frigid temperatures, this woman from Seattle was able to take a moment and find some humor in the weather. Marie Spiker's video of her partner smashing his head through what looked like a rolled-up window was actually just an icy sheet!

frozen window driving safetyfrozen window driving safety
@MarieSpiker via Twitter

We just hope that film of ice didn't end up inside that car. That would be one unpleasant situation! Thankfully, no matter the chilled weather, people like Marie are still willing to show their spirits with a lighthearted and funny post. And we love to see it!

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Crashing Down

The recent blizzard in Buffalo yielded an amount of destruction that was almost too shocking to believe. Locals from the area shared a photo online of the aftermath at a local gas station, which had been completely decimated by strong winds and snow!

buffalo ny blizzard gas stationbuffalo ny blizzard gas station
Jay Tyree via Facebook

Thankfully, there were no casualties other than the structure itself - but witnessing how much power lay within that storm was nothing short of startling. We're happy to hear no one was injured during the astonishing collapse, which pushed the station's roof straight into the ground.

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Slippery Slope

Oregon is no stranger to unusual weather conditions. Even though the skies do not always bear ominous haze or inclement snowstorms, some of the treacherous consequences are still experienced on the roads. Leaving the house for this user seemed possible - but actually, getting anywhere was difficult and dangerous.

black ice driving dangerblack ice driving danger
u/Popular_Emu1723 via Reddit

As they shared on Reddit, the road below held multiple "dots" along the pavement. At first sight, they looked like exciting decorations, but soon it became clear that they were chunks of slippery ice - a hazard that rendered travel virtually impossible. Not everything is always as it seems, folks...

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