How To Get Out of an Afternoon Slump


| LAST UPDATE 04/13/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Unfortunately, we may all know this feeling a little too well. 3 o'clock rolls around, and our eyes become heavier, our brains foggier, and our bodies more exhausted: We've hit that afternoon slump. While it may be the comedown from that morning caffeine kick or that post-lunch crash, in reality, a lot of it has to do with the natural circadian rhythm of our bodies. Throughout the day, our alertness and tired levels go up and down. So while it is inevitable for this annoying exhaustion to occur, there are days that are much worse than others. Here are the best tips to make these afternoons a little more bearable. 

Have you ever noticed that you are ready to crawl into bed after eating a big burger or an exceptionally large (and maybe unhealthy) lunch? It's not just a coincidence that this happens. In fact, it's because your meals may not be balanced enough, causing your glucose levels to spike. And when that happens, the spike eventually goes down, aka an afternoon crash. Try to include fat, protein, and carbs in all your meals to reduce these effects. And if you still feel yourself getting sleepy post meal time, opt for protein-filled snacks like Greek yogurt, bone broth, or protein shake to keep you alert without any extra caffeine. 

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Another cause of the dip in energy can be a lack of movement. Because, after all, post-lunch, we typically go right back to sitting at our desks or lying in bed. Sadly this just promotes the body to be more tired. Instead, go for a light, brisk walk around the block or maybe squeeze in a 20 minutes workout. An added bonus to this hack is that you will also get some sunshine and fresh Vitamin D to get that circadian rhythm back in check. 

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A second way of getting that refreshed feeling could be through splashing cold water on your face or dipping essential oils into a diffuser (check out these ones from Amazon) to stimulate your senses and wake them up. Last but not sleep, if you really can't get through the hump in the day, perhaps go to sleep! Your body might be in need of some major shuteye - so why not give it some?

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