How To Regain Energy Post-Sickness


| LAST UPDATE 03/06/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Most of us unfortunately are all too familiar with that lingering feeling that sometimes happens after being sick. You may still have a stuffy nose or always want be cuddled up in bed. It may take a while before our bodies are fully functioning again. Here are the ultimate tips and tricks to quickly recover from an illness and regain your full energy.

When you're cooped up inside with the flu or a cold, it's pretty typical that you've been chugging loads of water and sipping on herbal teas. Which may be beneficial for hydrating, but these beverages lack electrolytes. To help replenish electorates in the body, start eating more fruits and vegetables. And to get an even extra boost, incorporate a new drink into your regimen, like coconut water, or even electrolyte-infused water.

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If the illness was severe, there's a chance you may have been put on antibiotics, which unfortunately hurt the gut. So how do we heal the lining of this important organ? Taz Bhatia, a Board-certified practitioner in integrative medicine, explained, "There may be residual inflammation, especially in the gut. Really baby your gut with glutamine, collagen, and bone broth to help the gut lining recuperate. And you may not have the bandwidth to handle large amounts of foods that can be difficult to digest, such as sugar, dairy, and gluten. It can help to limit them.”

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There are numerous nutrients that are depleted when we get sick, so make sure you try to get in as much of these as possible. A probiotic should be added to your health routine to speed up the process of getting back to high energy levels. Another nutrient that would be beneficial for recovering is iron since it helps bring back your strength. As well as protein for muscle power and antioxidants for healthy cell function. Eat a healthy diet or check out Kate Hudson's INBLOOM for various nutrient-dense supplements. Last but not least, sleep, sleep, and more sleep! If you're constantly exhausted, then take it as a sign from your body to get to bed! Bhatia said, “Sleep more than usual and get consistent, restful sleep.” Feel better!

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