Science-Backed Tips To Get Out of Your Head


| LAST UPDATE 06/26/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Believe it or not, that inner world inside our heads affects our external world way more than we would think. It influences our emotions, relations, self-view, confidence, and more. But thankfully, there are ways to help us stay away from negative thoughts. So how can we prevent overthinking? Here's the full breakdown.

It sounds easier than it is, but sometimes all we need to break that cycle of never-ending negative scenarios that play in our head is to snap out of it. Do so by taking action in your physical body - for example, go on a walk, meet a friend for a meal or a cup of joe, focus on your career goals, clean your living space, or simply just get up and dance to your favorite tunes! Doing something else will help you avoid everything going on in your mind - especially if your senses are activated. Focusing on what you hear, smell, feel, and see around you can help you be truly present in the moment rather than being somewhere else.

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Another way to stop overthinking is to spend less time worrying about stuff you can't control and more on things you can. Unfortunately, we are not powerful enough to be able to control how people react or how things pan out in our life... to an extent. You are the one in charge of your environment, your job, who your friends are, and what hobbies and activities you take part in. So make sure you choose what will make you the happiest.

When things get too overwhelming inside your head, and these other tips don't seem to do the tricks, we always recommend talking to a trusted pal or even an expert like a therapist. When we hold things in for too long, we can end up getting lost in negative patterns of thinking, and advice from an outside party can do the trick to getting out of that. But if you are not one to express and share with others, there is always a journal to turn to. Writing things down can be extremely beneficial as it still gets us out of our heads and may help reveal things we didn't know. To help process emotions and stop overthinking, think about grabbing a journal next time you head out. And remember, you got this!

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