Signs You Might Be Dating a Ghoster


| LAST UPDATE 04/27/2023

By Peral Simons
Ghosting Dating Red Flags
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The unfortunate reality of dating in the 21st century is that your chances of getting ghosted are pretty high. You guys are dating, things are good, and then out of nowhere, he's ignoring your texts, and you never hear from him again. Ghosting has become so commonplace we often think there's no avoiding it - a situation we are all doomed to find ourselves in at one point or another. While we can't promise you'll never again fall victim to the disappearing date, we believe there are some telltale signs to look out for, which might indicate he's the type to pull the ghosting card.

The last-minute canceller - Of course, we know that sometimes life gets in the way and plans need to be rearranged, but taking note of his approach can speak volumes. Is he apologetic? Does he attempt to reschedule? Has this happened almost every time you've arranged to meet up? It may be a red flag if he's pulled out on plans at the last minute more than once.

Ghosting Guys Dating Signs
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The bad texter - This one seems rather obvious, but so many of us tend to miss these early signs. If the guy you're dating suddenly switches up his texting patterns and behaviors, this may be a sign that a ghost is on the horizon. If he's always been a frequent texter and suddenly switches to the once-a-day, this will likely be his gradual withdrawal. Similarly, if his texts are evasive and he doesn't make much effort to engage in the conversation, this could suggest he's the noncommittal type, struggling to see the courtship through.

The avoidant - Once again, this one seems to be a direct red flag so commonly overlooked. Take the time to analyze his attachment style. Does he tend to avoid specific topics and avoid real intimacy? If yes, there's a strong chance he'll be a fan of the non-confrontational ghosting approach to ending a relationship. These guys prefer to avoid uncomfortable situations and conversations, so the sudden disappearance trick works great for them. Similarly, if he shows or tells you he has a fear of commitment, to whatever that might be, do not ignore it! You'll thank yourself later.

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