Simple Trick to Clear Your Unwanted Maskne

Luna Dawson

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Face masks have made quite a fashion statement so far in 2020. Rather than wearing a generic mask, people are able to express themselves through their face covering and have gotten incredibly creative.

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However, with summer's heat on the rise, we all get a little sweaty under our masks. This has introduced a whole new skin condition, known as "maskne."

Masks Create Sweat Maskne
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Wearing a mask is, of course, an essential step in preventing the spread of coronavirus, but it comes at a cost for some people's skin. But don't worry, we're here to give you some tips on keeping the nasty "maskne" away!

You've probably gotten into a routine of washing your hands right when you get home, so now it's time to wash your face immediately as well. Remove your mask and scrub your face for 30 seconds with a cleanser of your choice, which will help prevent the bumps.

Washing Face Maskne
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"The main cause of mask acne is mechanical friction, which, before COVID, we'd typically see in people who wear a lot of gear on their face - like hockey or lacrosse players," said dermatologist Joyce I. Imahiyerobo- Ip, MD.

"Face masks also create a little bit of humidity, which can irritate your skin even more," she added. She highly recommends washing and moisturizing your face twice a day to prevent any new acne from forming. Seems like a simple trick, right?