Bring the Spa to You With These DIY Bath Hacks


| LAST UPDATE 12/25/2022

By Christiana Holland
DIY Bath Hacks Lifestyle
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There is nothing quite possibly more therapeutic than a well-deserved trip to the spa. Of course, these treatments come with a price, so it's not exactly feasible to make it a once-a-month kind of thing. So, we're sharing three of the best at-home treatments.

It's time to create your own little bubble, but we're not talking about your typical bubble bath. We're moving on to something bigger, a bubble of complete tranquility in the comfort of your own home. Don't underestimate the power of a bath, especially when beneficial ingredients come into play. The first recommended remedy is the calming milk bath. This bath typically helps those who suffer from dry and irritable skin, particularly during those winter days. Combining warm water with 1-2 cups of milk of choice and 2-3 drops of lemongrass oil will transform your body's texture. The blended fusions of proteins, fats, and vitamins A and D bring moisture back to life. So forget the rose petal fantasy, but instead, soak in this for 20 minutes and enjoy.

DIY Bath Spa Hacks
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If you're suffering from something more intense, such as dandruff, then look no further. The soothing apple cider vinegar bath is your new best friend. According to Healthline, apple cider vinegar has been proven to treat bacteria while also balancing the pH scale on your scalp. For your first ACV bath, we recommend only using half a cup. But, once you've gotten into the swing of things, feel free to bump up to 1-2 cups and a scoop of Epsom salt for some citrus magic. Immerse yourself for 20 minutes, and embrace the tingling sensations as the acidic oasis gets to work. Last but not least, this bath provides a little bling to it. The crystal and magnesium salt soak is the ultimate detox you never knew you needed. Gather a scoop of pink Himalayan salt and/or a cup of magnesium flakes to work on muscle release. However, your choice of crystal is the point of power for this aquatic experience. Place a crystal of your choice in the middle of the tub and sprinkle herbs around to emit all negativity that could be potentially taking up a lot of your internal energy. Dive into the sea of serenity for 20 minutes, and feel your body sage out all the bad aspects of life. Not to mention, this is the perfect way to bring in the new year.

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Feel relaxed yet? We sure do. We highly suggest indulging yourself in any of these bathtub methods for positive outcomes on the mind, body, and soul. Just 20 minutes of your day can have a big impact. So gather your ingredients and turn on the tap to disappear into your own safe haven!

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