Speeding up Your Metabolism the Natural Way

Luna Dawson

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Now that quarantine is winding down, and summer 2020 has welcomed us to come out and play, it's time to start getting back to reality. If you're looking to speed up your metabolism, we've got the right tips to do so in a healthy and manageable way.


The best thing you can do for your metabolism is to increase your energy by being active daily. Whether it's exercising, walking your dog, or even just spending time outside, you'll expand your overall energy. Strength training is also a great way to increase your metabolic rate even when you're not moving.

Sometimes we're all too lazy to get up early and eat breakfast, but this initial email can make a significant difference in your metabolism. Eating at least a little something before 10 am jumpstart your metabolism for the day, and gives your body the fuel it needs.


There is no need to strictly count calories, just eat in moderation, and mix in some protein with every meal. Registered dietitian Natalie Allen recommends that everyone, even if you're vegan or vegetarian, consume some protein every day to keep your body going all day long.